About TMU

Technical Managers in Universities

 Engineering and Technologies

TMU is an informal voluntary association of technical managers and supervisors working within  engineering, technology & science to support a wide range of disciplines in universities throughout the United Kingdom. The broad term “technical manager” encompasses a wide range of activities, employment categories and job titles in HEIs. But such a person will normally have some responsibility for managing resources such as a technical service, a facility, or laboratory where they provide technology or engineering support to academic teaching and/or research. This area of technical support can be found in and across an enormously diverse range of disciplines.

For example below are just some of the areas where our current members work:

Aerospace * Automotive technology * Advanced Additive Manufacturing * Arts – fabrication technologies *Bio bacterial technology * Bio technology * Biomechanics * Biomaterials technology & tissue engineering *Chemical engineering * Communications technology * Computer science * Computing, IT, & media technologiesComputer graphics & virtual reality * Concrete & earthquake engineering * Control & systems engineering Civil & structural engineering & technology * Electron Microscopy * Electronics * Electrical engineering Fuel technology * Geotechnical engineering * Imaging technology * Materials technology & engineering Materials science * Manufacturing & design * Mechanical engineering & technology * Nanomaterial technology Polymer & glass technology * Robotics * Steel technology * Sports technology & engineering Semi-conductor materials technology * Soil technology * Space systems technology* Water engineering

TMU has a growing membership and continues to welcome new members who are in a senior technical, a supervisory or a management role in any discipline where their work has a technology or engineering element.

TMU is a very varied and diverse collective that thrives because of the informality of its network, where individuals and groups can benefit from advice and experience of colleagues working in like environments.

TMU hold an annual conference hosted at a university in the UK, where they can enjoy and participate in a relevant programme of presentations, talks and discussion that encourage and support collective networking opportunities.

TMU is not a formal professional body, and does not have a formal committee or hierarchy. Its administration currently consists of just a voluntary chair and deputy chair of its conference organising team.

TMU does not have any membership fees.

TMU aims to:

  1. enable sharing of best practice.
  2.  add to individual and corporate knowledge.
  3. broaden understanding of our technical profession.
  4. foster a collegiate spirit across its membership.
  5. act as a focus for feeding legitimate and common concerns with respect to our support for teaching and research in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to the Institute of Science & Technology, of which TMU is a registered special interest group.